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Donations to TAAEF are tax-deductible.

When you give, your donation provides:

  • Support for the development and advancement of apartment industry professionals in the Triangle through continuing education courses/seminars/workshops, national designations, and certifications;

  • Scholarships for industry education and funding for career‐oriented resources benefiting rental housing owners and operators;

  • Resources to enhance the state‐of‐the‐art Education and Training Center through technology and upgrades.


TAA Education Foundation's Scholarship Fund

Since its inception, TAAEF has awarded 62 scholarships.

The Triangle Apartment Association Education Foundation (TAAEF) sponsors an Education Scholarship Fund to provide a qualifying candidate or candidates the opportunity to receive funds necessary in obtaining a National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI) credential such as:


Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor


Certified Apartment Manager


Certified Apartment Supplier


Certified Apartment Leasing Professional


Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician

Careful consideration is given before awarding a scholarship with a special emphasis on an individual's commitment to the industry, general industry knowledge, and overall character.

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